1. Chloe Chiffon Dress Camel - This dress has been a staple of mine this season. My mom and I both have this dress, making it great for all ages and the elastic waistband makes it super comfortable. 

2. Spirit Sweater - I have this sweater in multiple colors and always get so many compliments on it! It is so easy to just throw on with jeans or leggings and very lightweight which is nice for my hot natured self. 

3. Hair scarves are such an easy way to add something to an outfit, making them such a great gift or stocking stuffer. They come in a bunch of colors and patterns and a go to for me when my outfit needs a little something extra!

4. Blair Day Tote - This vegan leather tote is my everyday purse and I absolutely love it. My mom and I both have one and are gifting my sister one for Christmas. It comes in a bunch of colors and looks the exact same as the day I bought it! 

5. Barrel Road Red Brand - Shelly and Kelley gifted me this wine for my 21st birthday and it would make the perfect hostess gift for the holiday season. It’s rich and fruity with notes of vanilla and spice. 


1. Jen Wristlet -  These  vegan leather wallets come in the cutest pastel colors and the perfect size to carry on the go!

2. Gypsy Junkies Beanies - If you’re having a bad hair day, just throw one of the refurbished Louis Vuitton beanies on. It’s stylish and comfy as can be!  

3. Velvet Scrunchies - I always have a scrunchie on my wrist everywhere I go. With hair as thick as mine, these velvet scrunchies are a lifesaver and are a perfect styling accessory.

4. Bath bombs - After a long day at work or school, I love to soak in the bath with one of these scented bath bombs. Each one contains a prize and is the perfect way to end my day.

5. Farmers Daughter Candles - These candles are the perfect gift for any occasion. Made from recycled wine bottles, they’re the coolest candles out there.

1. Refurbished Louis Vuitton Credit Card Holders, nothing better than sustainable luxury. A must in-store purchase.
2. Florida State Leather Cuffs is a favorite to show local pride with a hint of class.
3. Farmer's Daughter Holiday Candles are sustainable and chic with soy wax that infuse a room with the perfect scent. Visit us to pick the perfect season scent for gift giving and your home.
4. Bridgette Black Sequin Dress. Its a dress guaranteed to impress.
5. Becky's Gold Hoops w/Hematite Beads. These gorgeous hoops don’t only look good but the also feel good. hematite stone is known for helping you ground and balance. So with so much to do this holiday season a gift of grounding and balance never sounded better.
6. Hot Chocolate, Freshly baked cookies and Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer. Perfect Holiday evening with the family, check.
7. In our home, decorating the Christmas tree together and baking cookies have always been a favorite tradition that we love and cherish.
1. I love a good wine, but what I love even more is a good, local wine. The perfect gift for a holiday party or a coworker, Farmer's Daughter Local Wine. Come in and see us to grab a bottle.
2. We have such a great selection of handmade jewelry, these locally sourced reclaimed wood earrings from, Beneath the Bark, pop not only out of the box, but when you’re wearing them as well.
3. When gifting to the men in my life, I always stick with a classic. The Men's Bamboo Lightweight Fleece from Freefly is a must.
4. There is always that one holiday party that you want to look chic and effortless at the same time. This combo fits the bill! Sequin top with pleated palazzo pants.
5. What woman doesn’t like to shine at a party! A Sequin black dress w/ spaghetti string straps.
6. Nothing better than a laugh with the family during the holidays. We always watch ELF in my house, and Will Ferrell definitely gets us into the spirit.
7. Gathering with family in Georgia for Christmas Eve and family here on Christmas Day.


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